Apple Watch Hermes edition available online January 22

JC Torres - Jan 19, 2016
Apple Watch Hermes edition available online January 22

If you’ve been saving up for that one big luxury smartwatch purchase but don’t have the luck to be in one of 9 or so cities around the world, then your fortune might have just changed. Starting this Friday, January 22 to be exact, Apple and Hermes will be selling the luxurious fruits of their joint labpor on their respective online stores. Yes, the Apple Watch Hermes edition is launching online this weekend so that you can make your wrist both technologically up to date and glamorous. As long as you have the budget for it, of course.

There are a wide variety of models and designs to choose from, revolving around different kinds of wrist straps, watch sizes, and colors. The Single Tour model is as basic as they come, with both 38 and 42 mm sizes available and color options of Fauve (brown), Noir (Black), and the 38 mm exclusive Capucine (red). The Double Tour is intriguing in its length, wrapping around the wrist twice in what ends up looking like a watch and bracelet combo. Here, only the 38 mm face is available, but colors have been expanded to include Etain (grey) and Bleu Jean (blue). Last but definitely not the least is the hulking Cuff version, available only with a matching large 42 mm watch body and only in Fauve (brown) color.

Prices for the Hermes edition Apple Watches start at $1,100 for the Single Tour, $1,250 for the Double Tour, and $1,500 for the Cuff.

While the plain Apple Watch models themselves are already more expensive than other devices in the market, the Hermes edition was a significant experiment for the market. It has been used as a litmus test by other luxury marques, like TAG Heuer, to see if there is indeed a market for such expensive versions of mostly utilitarian smartwatches.

Neither Apple nor Hermes have revealed if they plan on selling the bands by themselves, as the Apple Watch Hermes edition will continue to be sold as a complete set of watch and band together.

VIA: Fashionista

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