Apple Watch coming to Europe sooner than we thought

Europe may end up getting the Apple Watch a bit sooner than they bargained for. Via the Apple Watch page, we see that Apple has slightly tweaked their language about when the wearable would arrive in Europe. Previously, it was noted as "available in 2015". Now, the Apple Watch is coming in early 2015 to several countries in Europe. While the change doesn't nail down a finite time for arrival, it does bring the European timetable for Apple's wearable in line with the US.

The website change can currently be viewed in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Apple Watch still doesn't have a solid timetable for release anywhere, the United States included. So far, the prevailing thinking puts the Apple Watch at an early Spring release, with some saying it could hit nearer Valentines Day.

The notation of Apple Watch arriving in early 2015 for Europe leaves us wondering what that might mean. It's possible Apple has the supply chain pumping hard, churning out devices at a steadier clip than previously thought. That's likely the scenario, but could be just the beginning.

Some Apple Watch variants have Sapphire glass — a material Apple has had some difficulty with of late. An early 2015 release could mean Apple is staging their offerings, possibly releasing the Sport version first and leaving the more premium offerings for a later date.

It's also worth note that Apple has yet to fully release the Developer utilities for Apple Watch. Right now, all Develops can really do is create glimpses of info via notifications. No standalone or dedicated Apple Watch apps exist just yet.

Via: 9to5Mac