Apple Watch 2 reported to sport same design, new internals

It's been nearly a full year since Apple first introduced their take on the smartwatch. And with any Apple device that's been out for that long, it's due for a refresh. (Well, unless you're a Mac Pro, that is.) Yesterday we heard one report that the next update will be thinner, today we're hearing a much different tune.

According to a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there is certainly an update coming for the Apple Watch in the near future. However, unlike the report yesterday, they say that the updates will largely be internal. The exterior of the watch is said to be largely unchanged.

Instead of concentrating on slimming down the watch and focusing on a redesign, the report says that the company is instead going to focus on more important matters. This would likely include a brighter display with better outdoor visibility, and possibly the most-requested feature, a larger battery.

What's interesting is that while the two reports do seem to be conflicting, they could both point to a similar result. When Brian White met with supply chain and manufacturing companies, he was given the impression that the device would be 20% to 40% thinner. Now imagine that they took that extra space, and used it for a larger battery. I'm sure that many people would be more interested in an Apple Watch that is able to last more than a single day on a charge.

One thing is for sure, both reports do indicate that any changes to the Watch will be limited to mostly to the internals. This would keep with the tick-tock release schedule that Apple has been using for the iPhone.

VIA: Apple Insider