Apple upgrades MacBooks and adds 2.6Ghz CPU option for MacBook Pros

Apple was rumored to upgrade its MacBook line, and it happened. The MacBooks get upgraded to Santa Rosa platform with CPU speed bumps and GMA X3100 integrated video.

The new revisions sports 800Mhz front side bus and GMA X3100 will give a significant improvement over the older revision's GPU.

New models specs and pricing:

White 13.3"

$1099.00 2.0GHz/1GB RAM/80GB/Combo/GMA X3100

$1299.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/120GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

Black 13.3"

$1499.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM/160GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

Aside from MacBooks upgrades, Apple also adds 2.6Ghz CPU and 250GB HDD upgrade options to its MacBook Pros lineup. The CPU upgrade will cost $250.

Apple Updates MacBooks to Santa Rosa, GMA X3100; 2.6GHz MacBook Pro [via macrumors]