Apple TV touchscreen remote leaks?

Salt at the ready – and you'll need a pretty big handful this time around – because according to the Boy Genius Reports' tipster you're looking at a "product mockup that may coincide with the launch of a revised Apple TV".  If you reckon it looks like a touchscreen remote control then you're not alone.

The device – about which little is known – does show a Safari option, which has led to suggestions that it could be a WiFi tablet in its own right.  Alternatively, if it really is a true companion device to the refreshed Apple TV, it could be a trigger to loading Safari on the mediaplayer, with the remote then working as a touchscreen keyboard and mouse pad to control browsing on your HDTV.

All far fetched, frankly, but BGR is throwing some support their tipster's way at least.  They claim he accurately predicted the addition of iPhone homescreens and social networking integration in iTunes 9, which does at least give him a reasonable media-centric track record.  No word on when the updated Apple TV might drop.