Apple TV Software Update Coming September 18 Tips Source

As things typically go with Apple announcements, many walked away a little excited and a little disappointed after yesterday's iPhone event. There was some speculation that Apple would be unveiling new software or possibly new hardware for its Apple TV device ahead of the event. However, neither new hardware nor new software was announced.

That doesn't mean updates to the Apple TV aren't coming with a source claiming be familiar with Apple's plans stating that software updates are on the way. The sources claiming to be familiar with Apple's plans at tipped that the Apple TV is scheduled for an overhaul on September 18. Astute readers will realize September 18 is the same day iOS 7 is set for availability.

One of the new software features that is expected to land is a update to the Airplay system. This update is tipped to allow content owners that bought their content from iTunes to play that content on other people's TVs via Airplay. That means when visiting a friend who has their own Apple TV you'll be able to stream the content you purchased to their TV without them having to buy.

The streaming will reportedly occur to their device directly from the cloud. The process for playing content you on someone else's TV currently involves downloading the movie or TV episode to your iPhone or iPad and then moving it to the other TV. That's all the rumor mill has produced about the update at this time, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

SOURCE: AllThingsD