Apple TV now on NVIDIA SHIELD with Android TV

Apple TV was launched on NVIDIA SHIELD this week. The Apple TV app is generally only available to Google TV, the next generation in Android TV software. If you have a TV at home with Android TV and not Google TV, you almost certainly did not have the ability to use the Apple TV app and service. Now, NVIDIA announced that their Android TV device NVIDIA SHIELD will have access to said app.

Apple TV is the latest in a line of streaming apps available on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Disney+, and others. Users will still need to pay for access to Apple TV as it is a subscription service – but it's out there!

NVIDIA SHIELD works with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support for Apple TV, too. This is the latest app that works with said feature support, including VUDU, Disney+, Prime Video, and Netflix. As with the rest, Apple TV also works with NVIDIA SHIELD's AI upscaler – so long as you've got the latest NVIDIA SHIELD device.

With the Apple TV app, users will be able to access channels like AMC+, Starz, and Paramount+. It's apps on apps in apps- and a strange situation indeed. You could use the Paramount+ app to access Paramount+ content, or you could access the same content in a channel inside the Apple TV app. You still need to same subscription for either one.

You'll find the Apple TV app in the Google Play app store right now. Depending on when you read this article, the app and your device may not be updated in a way that allows you to download Apple TV just yet. Make sure your NVIDIA SHIELD has the latest firmware update, and refresh your browser too. You could also search for the Apple TV app in the app store on your NVIDIA SHIELD directly – it'll be available very soon if not right this minute!