Apple TV now has an Adobe Lightroom app

There's a new and arguably not very useful app for your Apple TV (assuming you're using the 4th-generation model): Adobe Lightroom. The app is only for viewing photos, the idea being that you can easily access them from your Creative Cloud to show friends and family your latest shots on the big screen. You will need a Creative Cloud subscription to use the app, of course, as well as uploaded photos.

The app is fairly limited, in that it isn't available for the older Apple TV models, and won't work for those who don't have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Assuming you have both, though, you can download the app through the App Store on your Apple TV, then log into your CC account.

Whatever photos you've uploaded to the Creative Cloud account — whether from Lightroom on desktop or Lightroom on mobile, for example — will be accessible in whatever album collections you've previously created. Choose a collection and it'll open as a slideshow. Whenever you get to a photo someone likes, you can pause on it and zoom into any area to see the finer, smaller details.

This is the latest Lightroom update Adobe has pushed out — most recently, excluding this app, the company released an update for Lightroom on iOS that added the same RAW editing functionality users have been enjoying on Android. Check out the timeline below for other recent Adobe news!