Apple TV HD download problems caused by Google DNS?

A potential cause for the slow download problems some Apple TV users have reported has been identified, and it seems Google could be at the heart of it. The delays in accessing streaming HD content had been reported by Apple TV users with otherwise speedy internet connections, their STBs claiming it would be many hours before the content was ready to watch. Now, Joe Maller is suggesting that Google DNS might be the cause.

As he puts it, "the iTunes Store has thousands of entrances. Everyone using Google DNS is trying to get in through the same door." iTunes streaming content is hosted by Akamai and different local servers are used to route downloaders to the fastest way to access the multimedia; Google DNS – or, indeed, other generic DNS providers – is routing users all the same way, and seemingly overloading the system.

Maller switched from Google DNS to the servers provided by his IP, and HD iTunes rentals are now available in just 10-20 seconds. It's unlikely to be the only fix out there, but those experiencing Apple TV problems should definitely give it a try.