Apple TV gets Podcasts app in 9.1.1 update

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 26, 2016, 9:45am CST
Apple TV gets Podcasts app in 9.1.1 update

Apple TV owners have been getting some love this month. First, VLC arrived just a couple of weeks ago. Finally bringing one of the most popular media players to the device was definitely a great move. Now users will have a new way to listen to their favorite podcasts.

That’s right, in the latest update, Apple has brought over the Podcasts app. This will allow users to easily listen to their favorite podcasts in the comfort of their living room. Finally, users won’t be tied to their computers or phones to listen to audio programming.

The new app will also automatically synchronize with any current subscriptions you have on iTunes, via iCloud. Once you open it up, everything you’ve been listening to, and have have queued up will just show up and work.

This feature is being rolled out as part of the tvOS 9.1.1 update. Curiously, the addition of the Podcasts app is the only feature that Apple has outlined as part of the update. Since 9.2 is due out sometime in the coming months, one can guess that the other updates are minor, at best. They’ll be saving the big changes for the next release.

VIA: AppleInsider

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