Apple TV Event Rumored For March, New SDK Tipped

While we've been hearing rumors of Apple releasing an actual television, it looks like the company is also going to release an Apple TV SDK for developers. Apple is said to be holding an event next month that will reveal the new developer program that will allow app developers to make apps for the Apple TV platform.

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, Apple will be releasing the SDK next month, with an event to show off the new kit. While Misek doesn't think that Apple's rumored television set will be making an appearance at the event, he does think that they will announce it sometime in September or October, and suggests that Apple might be preparing for the television's release by introducing this developer program.

Apple has been open to the idea of opening up the Apple TV to developers for a while. The late Steve Jobs even said back in 2010 that an app store for the Apple TV could launch when the time is right, and since the Apple TV runs iOS, the process shouldn't be all that difficult, and might be able to fit right into the iTunes App Store.

As far as the Apple television set goes, Misek expects that various size options will be between 42- and 55-inches, with prices starting around $1,500, which is right around what we've been hearing in the past. The SDK that we could see next month may definitely be a precursor to bigger things, and it's also possible we could see a refreshed Apple TV STB come to fruition as well.

[via Business Insider]