Apple tops movie product placement list of 2014

We all know what it is as soon as we see it. The logos of beverage companies, clothing brands, and technology manufacturers popping up in our favorite movies and TV shows. It's product placement. Sometimes it's subtler than others and we don't notice as much, but it's still there. BrandChannel takes it upon themselves to name the brands that appear the most in the previous year's biggest Hollywood films, calling it the Brandcameo Product Placement Awards. The winner for 2014 should come as no surprise; it's Apple.

BrandChannel notes that out of the 35 top movies at the box offices in 2014, Apple products appear in nine. In other words, Apple's iPhones, iPads, and computers were in 25% of the most popular movies last year. The Cupertino company beat other big product placers Coca-Cola and Sony by only a single appearance.

As one of the most prominent Apple placements, BrandChannel points to a scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier which actually takes place inside an Apple Store. During the scene, heroes Captain America and Black Widow conduct a little hacking on a MacBook Pro.

This is the first time Apple has topped the product placement list since 2011, however BrandChannel notes that appearances in 25% of the year's top movies is a low statistic in comparison. In 2011 Apple products were seen in 42.5% of the most popular movies, while 2009 was even more impressive, at nearly 50%.


SOURCE: BrandChannel