Apple to Unveil Mobile Advertising This Thursday?

So, this Thursday is going to be a big day for Apple. They've already launched the iPad, and just two days later, they announced that we're all going to get a sneak peek at iPhone OS 4.0. However, it looks like that's not all that Apple is planning. At Thursday's iPhone Developer event, sources close to the company's plans are saying that Apple is going to go ahead and unveil what they've been working on to compete with Google. And, oddly enough, that's probably great news to Google.

We won't delve into the whole reason why Google would be excited about Apple getting into the mobile ad line of work, but we will say that it has a lot do with the Mountain View company's current situation with the Federal Trade Commission. They're trying to shake up the trees, and prove to the FTC that they have some mobile ad rivals, because they want to go ahead and purchase AdMob. Right now, that's in limbo, but the moment Apple enters into the game, Google's got no more worries.

But, where's this news coming from? We've seen Apple move toward this way of life since January, when they purchased Quattro Wireless for $275 million. What's Quattro do? They specialize in advertisements embedded within applications. It's still considered a tiny market, but obviously that's going to change, especially with things like the iPad getting launched, and with a new iPhone expected to come out within a few months. So, like we said, it sounds like Thursday is going to be a big day for Apple. Let's just hope these people close to the matter are right, and not just trying to rile up the masses.

[via All Things D]