Apple to patch iPhone 4 Jailbreak hole in new iOS 4.0.1 update?

Chris Davies - Jul 9, 2010
Apple to patch iPhone 4 Jailbreak hole in new iOS 4.0.1 update?

According to multiple sources at Apple retail, the company has decided to hold off on releasing their next iOS4 firmware update so as to use it to patch the hole used in the promised jailbreak hack.  Two employees from an Apple Store in Lakeside, UK, have apparently confirmed to Redmond Pie that the iOS 4.0.1 (or 4.1) update will be toward the end of Apple’s tipped “next few weeks” release window.

“Guy in Apple Lakeside seems 2 think 4.0.1 is delayed as they r doing a fix 2 stop jailbreak that they have found. Dunno if true?” MaxdMerc on Twitter

“@TaimurAsad @chpwn I can confirm this in a way. That store is near where I live. A friend of mine works there and told me the same.” Sportycos on Twitter

We’re never quite sure how much Apple Store employees actually know about the company’s more general plans – i.e. beyond what you see on the shop floor – but with Apple’s track record of attempting to plug jailbreak holes with each subsequent iOS release we can see this being true.  No timescale for the release of the jailbreak has been given, but there has been some talk of it coming in tandem with an unlock solution for the iPhone 4.

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