Apple to cut iPhone bugs by harmonizing dev teams

It would appear that Apple thinks the development of its cloud services could be more efficient. Anonymous sources close to this issue have told Bloomberg that Apple plans to unify its cloud development teams in the same space, potentially making the production of services like Siri, Maps, iCloud, and Apple Music easier for everyone involved.

Apparently the way things are now leads to "software bugs and slow product development," according to the write-up, complaints that aren't too uncommon from users of Apple's Cloud services. Bringing all of these teams together could cut back on those bugs and bring about a faster development cycle, allowing these teams to launch new features to their respective products more frequently.

Apple's new campus, which is set to open next year, may facilitate this unification. Apple's cloud teams won't be moving to the company's new campus, however, instead coming together at the old campus as other employees and teams move out.

Whether or not this is all true is unclear, but it makes a degree of sense to bring these teams together, especially if it means fewer bugs and more features for Apple's cloud services. Those are increasingly becoming a larger part of the company's business, and bolstering their offerings would likely translate to more money.

The report also says that Apple is developing its own system – codenamed Pie – to host its cloud services, potentially decreasing load times and making Apple less dependent on server hosting provided by competitors like Google and Amazon. Assuming that's true, the idea that Apple would merge its cloud services teams becomes even more believable.

SOURCE: Bloomberg