Apple tests related searches on App Store to help you find new apps

Apple is always out to help people find more apps on the App Store. The more apps users find the more money Apple can make on sales. Apple is reportedly testing new related searches on the App Store that show up at the top of the app listings.

The related search suggestion feature is reported to have started turning up this morning for iPhone users on iOS 7. Related searches show up as a scrollable bar offering more searches that have to do with the app you are looking at.

This sounds like a nice feature that will make it easier for users to find cool apps that are similar to what they are looking at. Apple's new suggestion bar doesn't change how searches are displayed on the iPhone. Interestingly, the new related searches appear to be in testing on the iPhone only.

The feature hasn't turned up for iPad and Mac users. It would be a safe bet if the related searches prove popular; it will eventually end up on all iOS devices. Some of the related searches offer even more searches after you click, others don't offer additional related searches. Related searches don't appear intrusive so if you don't like them, they are easy to ignore.

SOURCE: MacStories