Apple teases "Campus 2" to Cupertino

The friendly neighborhood of Cupertino, California have just been sent a brochure from Apple which details their possible future structure by the name of "Apple Campus 2." This new headquarters for Apple would have space for 13,000 workers and looks to be a massive ring with more than a few future-looking aspects inside and out. This structure will prospectively replace 300,000 square feet of existing buildings in the area East of North Tantau Avenue and will be built up as 300,000 square feet of new research facilities for Apple.

The main building will be set back from the street and will be surrounded by trees, with thousands of new trees also set to be planted along the perimeter of the building and inside it as well. One of the greatest aspects of this campus is Apple's plans to make it not a new structure that's in any way an eyesore, but a revitalizing element for the community: "What's currently a sea of asphalt will be transformed into nearly 120 acres of green space." Have a peek at some pointed words from Apple to the Cupertino neighborhood here:

"The new campus site is bound to the west by Wolfe Road, to the north by Homestead Road, to the east by North Tantau Avenue, and to the south by Interstate 280. Today there are 26 aging buildings totaling approximately 2.65 million square feet on this 176-acre site. We plan to replace them with a single ring-shaped, four-story building of approximately 2.8 million square feet. We also plan to replace nearly 300,000 square feet of existing buildings east of North Tantau Avenue with 300,000 square feet of new research buildings. ...

Respect for our neighbors was a priority as we designed Apple Campus 2. The main building will be set back from the street. By keeping the majority of existing trees along the perimeter — and planting additional perimeter trees and thousands of new ones throughout the interior — the building will fade into the landscape. What's currently a sea of asphalt will be transformed into nearly 120 acres of green space."

"We are also committed to protecting the environment. Apple Campus 2 will attain LEED certification, and we are confident it will exceed the City of Cupertino's standards for environmental sustainability. The campus will be clean, with no manufacturing or heavy industrial activity onsite.

Apple Campus 2 will also include a restaurant, a fitness center, and other amenities to serve Apple employees and reduce automobile trips. As with the current site, Apple Campus 2 will not be open to the public. Infinite Loop will remain our corporate headquarters, and we will continue to occupy many of our existing buildings in Cupertino." – Apple's SVP and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer

We've had a couple of glances at this facility as far back as a couple of years ago, with Steve Jobs himself speaking with Cupertino on how it might be built. Have a peek at our timeline below on the subject to see how far this project has come. The pamphlet you see above and below comes from MacRumors where a tipster by the name of Hansen has provided the world with pics.