Apple Tablet videos purportedly leak, prompt arguments

Much argument and debate today, as various photos and videos purporting to show Apple's upcoming tablet (aka the Apple Media Pad) emerge.  The short clips demonstrate various applications – seemingly from the standard Apple App Store – being run concurrently on the same device, together with boot-up and what's said to be the development platform.Videos after the cut

As you might expect, the general opinion is that these are neatly-executed (though alluring) fakes.  ZDNet are concentrating on the technical faults, such as the text alignment and choice of fonts, while over at Gizmodo there's internal revolt as Jesus Diaz suggests you're looking at a series of emulator windows coupled together while Brian Lam argues that Apple's usage paradigm may see more of a shift in the translation to a larger device from the iPod touch model.

The images, meanwhile, come from MacForums, where there's talk of them being distributed by the same author of the video.  Fake or authentic – and the former does seem the most likely – they've restarted discussion about how Apple might manage the transition to a larger-screen device: simply inflate the iPod touch, as Lam describes "a zack morris sized version of the iPhone" or look to bring some more of OS X's usability to the version of the platform currently seen on mobile devices.

[via TechCrunch]