Apple Tablet shipping Q1 2010 from Foxconn?

Another day, another Apple Tablet rumor, and yet another tipped screen size.  Contrasting from the previous leaky speculation that the upcoming media-centric device would have a 10.7-inch panel, comes DigiTimes' usual shadowy market sources suggesting a 10.6-inch display and putting Foxconn at the manufacturing helm.  They're claiming that Foxconn will begin delivering the Apple Tablet to the Cupertino company in Q1 2010, with initial shipments expected to be in the region of 300,000 to 400,000 units.

Previously, Quanta was tipped as Apple's manufacturing partner for the tablet, while DigiTimes also suggest that Foxconn subsidiary Innolux Display may be supplying the panels.  That would differ from earlier talk of WinTek stepping up with their own displays.

Right now, the only common points seem to be that a tablet is coming and that Q1 seems to be the most obvious announcement/launch timeframe.  That, of course, we were guessing a month or two ago, but isn't it always nice to have a new set of speculation on hump-day.