Apple subscription bundles may finally arrive with iPhone 12

For a number of years now, Apple has been building out its subscription offerings. It seems like Apple has a subscription for pretty much everything these days, whether it's news, music, games, and now even TV, and it's a lot to keep up with if you're waist-deep in the Apple ecosystem. Apple may be looking to simplify the subscription process by rolling out a number of bundles, much in the same way Amazon bundles its various services with Prime.

So says Bloomberg, which reported today that Apple may launch a number of bundle tiers dubbed "Apple One" alongside 2020's new iPhones later this year. People familiar with Apple's plans told Bloomberg that these bundles would naturally be part of an effort to drive more subscription sign ups, so as a result, these bundles would save customers a little bit of money over subscribing to each service individually.

As far as the subscription tiers themselves, we could see one basic bundle that includes subscriptions to Apple Music and Apple TV+. A second, more expensive bundle could toss Apple Arcade into the mix, while a third tier would supposedly add Apple News+. A fourth and final bundle could include all of the subscription services we just listed plus additional iCloud storage.

There's no concrete word on pricing yet, though Bloomberg expects these bundles to save around $2 to $5 per month on the sticker cost of all these services. The bundles will also work with Family Sharing, so you'll be able to share your subscription with other family members.

As always, take what you read with a grain of salt, because at this point, these are just rumors. It is worth pointing out that this isn't the first time we've heard of Apple potentially putting together some subscription bundles, with Bloomberg publishing similar reports last year. Since Apple is expected to launch these subscription bundles alongside the new iPhones in October, it won't be much longer before we find out about them, so stay tuned for more.