Apple Stores use cool tech to find shoppers needing assistance

Apple has been embracing tech for a long time and a new app that Apple Store workers use in the store helps them to find exactly where a shopper is that needs help and to find the person in store to pick up a purchase. The app is used by the store workers running on iPod touch devices. The company has been one of the more innovative retailers out there in any market and the new app continues that tradition.

The in store assistance portion allows the person looking at a product on display to push a button on the iPads near the displays and summon assistance. It appears that the app used in the store shows a red indicator on the display needing assistance. The cooler function of the app though is when the shopper enters to the store to pick something up purchased using the Apple Store App.

If the shopper picks the item, they bought up in store after purchasing with the app, the app alerts the store workers that the person is there for pick up. Then the worker can bring the items out to the customer for pick up without the shopper having to do anything. That is pretty cool if you ask me. We talked about the Apple Store app not long ago and this is a great tie in making shopping just about as easy as possible.

[via NYT]