Apple Stores tout 300 million visitors in less than a year

With Apple this week becoming the most valuable public company in the history of the world, word that their own Apple Store outlets are doing fantastic as well seemed inevitable. As Jim Dalrymple of The Loop reports he's spoken with Apple about, their stores have had almost 300 million visitors worldwide inside their fiscal 2012 year. That year begins in October 2011 and, of course, isn't quite ofter yet.

This amount of visitors, also noted by Dalrymple, is nearly the population of the United States according to last year's census. Apple Stores across the globe are bringing in more than five times the revenue per square foot that Best Buy did in 2011 according to CNET, and the store's unique point in the Genius Bar has some impressive numbers of its own as well. Apple notes that 50,000 people get serviced at the Genius Bar in their Apple stores every single day.

Many Apple stores have what the company notes is over 100 "unique hands-on opportunities" with products such as the iPad, iPhone, iPods of all kinds, and Mac computers as well. With Apple's extended line of associated brands in speakers, printers, accessories, and the like, the company provides a full experience to the average computer-loving customer. Apple's newest stores have just opened in Canada, the total number now reaching 375 worldwide.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on recent events in and around Apple Stores across the globe. Apple continues to grow to be one gigantic company with their own retail storefront, manufacturing, software, and support services as well.