Apple Store robber drives right through the front window

Here's now not to get an iPhone 5 when the day comes later this month for the device to be in-stores: driving straight through your local Apple Store's front window. That's just what a couple robbers did earlier this month in a case that Apple has released evidence in – the video of the vehicle the robbers drove is quite clear to see. Have a peek at what it means to have a terrible, terrible idea, then go through with it.

What you're seeing here is a car smashing directly through the window and the front security gate at an Apple Store in Temecula, California. Once the vehicle enters the building, a passenger proceeds to grab a handful of iPhones as well as what appears to be a MacBook Pro or two before noticing that – oops – the vehicle's driver appears to be stuck. The vehicle gets caught inside the store for right around a minute, driving back and forth, smashing the gate until it finally gives way.

Now there are several things we must wonder. First, will Apple keep the tire tracks on the floor as a positive reminder that customers should look both ways before hanging out in front of the store? Two – and remember that this robbery occurred well after store hours – what kind of sentence are these robbers looking at? Reports thus far say that the robber – at least one of them – has pled not guilty even with multiple camera angles essentially condemning him on the spot.

Once you do have a glance at the video, remind yourself that no Apple product is awesome enough to smash your multi-thousand-dollar vehicle through the front of a store to grab. There's no possible way that the damage inflicted on the car – and now soon on the robbers – will be offset by the equipment they grabbed from Apple. Of course they won't get to keep that either, so it's pretty much a total loss for them – Apple crime doesn't pay!

[via ZDnet]