Apple Store (RED) lights recognize World AIDS Day

Chris Burns - Dec 2, 2013
Apple Store (RED) lights recognize World AIDS Day

This weekend Apple recognized World AIDS Day in bright red lights and red innards across the world. With their red Apple logos up front of stores turned red with red plastic filters and their (PRODUCT)RED merchandise rolling through the store, Apple made certain they were seen as one of the world’s largest supporters of the cause.

Having been applauded earlier this year by Bono himself, Apple was revealed to have raised over $65 million dollars for the (RED) campaign. This is done by the company with a variety of products that sport the hot red coloration, each of them bringing a portion of their profits to the (RED) brand.


Every day, 900 babies are born with HIV. (RED) works with companies like Apple to fight for an AIDS‑free generation by creating (PRODUCT)RED merchandise. A percentage of gross profits from the sale of those products goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programmes in Africa.


Since its introduction, (PRODUCT)RED has generated more than $215 million for the Global Fund — more than $65 million from Apple alone.


Apple sported the (RED) versions of iPods, the iPad and iPad mini Smart Covers, iPhone 4s bumpers, iPad Air Smart Case, and iPhone 5s cases as well. Each of these decorated the interiors of the Apple Store nearest you while the bright red apple shined out the front of the store in tune.


Above and below you’ll find images from Apple Store enthusiasts around the world. The image of the headphones comes from @pacowong from an Apple Store in Hong Kong. The photo of the Apple Store at the Mall of America comes from Jason McHuff. From the Apple Store follower Gary Allen we see the George Street, Sygney Apple Store with red light as well. Filip Chudsinzki shows off some red at the Kurfurstendamm, Berlin, Germany Apple Store, while the hero image of this post comes from the NYC 5th Avenue glass cube Apple Store photographed by Evan Matthew Fuchs.

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