Apple Store Gets 4G LTE Equipment For iPhone 5?

New reports that the iPhone 5 will indeed support 4G LTE are now further fueled by a tip that LTE equipment is being installed in a major Apple Store. According to Engadget, an anonymous tipster sent in a photo of what's purported to be equipment that supports the 700MHz and AWS bands for AT&T's LTE network and was installed by the carrier.

The tipster also alleges that the Apple Store where the equipment is being installed along with all the other Apple Stores in the region are currently beefing up sales floor staff by about 30 percent. They also believe this staff boost is not related to the usual hiring that leads up to the holiday sales season.

Apple's iPhone 5 was originally believed to support 4G LTE as that would be the logical next step, but those rumors died down over the last several months. It wasn't until yesterday that rumors of LTE support reignited when insider sources claimed that an LTE iPhone 5 is already in carrier testing.

UPDATE: The original image has been taken down at the request of the source.

[via Engadget]