LTE iPhone 5 In Carrier Testing According To Report

One of the things that people have been wanting for a while now on the iPhone when it comes to market in future versions is support for 4G connectivity. 4G LTE connectivity is what many people are clamoring for and the expectation is that one of the iPhones launching soon may have LTE support since both AT&T and Verizon are going to use LTE tech.

It hasn't been confirmed whether the iPhone 5 that is expected in the next few months will have LTE onboard or not. It seems that it most likely will not have LTE. However, BGR reports that it has confirmed from carrier documents that the iPhone with LTE is in testing at carriers.

Buried inside the firmware file is a plist file for LTE support. This would not be the first time an unannounced feature was spied first in files such as this. It doesn't seem likely that if the LTE iPhone were only in carrier testing at this point that it would show up next month or in October. I suspect we will be looking at next year before an LTE iPhone lands, what do you think.

[via BGR]