Apple Store down: new Time Capsule coming?

The Apple Store has been taken down, leading to the expectation that Cupertino are planning to unveil new products this morning.  Top of the expectation-list is a freshly-boosted Apple Time Capsule, with up to 2TB of storage space.

Apple Stores all over the US, Europe and Asia are down, so there's obviously going to be some broad, sweeping changes made.  However seeing as though the iPod range has just had a shot in the Shuffle, the iMac line and MacBook ranges have been tweaked and the Mac Pro fettled, there's little consumer line-up left for some attention.

The Store normally revives itself at around 8:30am EST, so there's just a few hours for Apple's web-beavers to do their magic and the same amount of time for us to wait.  Our money is on the enlarged Time Capsule, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to be surprised with something more exciting.