Apple Stocks Smarter Investment than Apple Products [SHOCKER]

A fabulously obsessed young man by the name of Kyle Conroy has a website out there on the internet that provides the world with an incalculably invaluable service: taking every single Apple product (or nearly every one) and pricing them out in terms of stock value. What this means is for each product (for example a G3 PowerBook from 1997) he finds the original price ($5700) and takes that amount of money in stock, having been purchased at that time, converting it to what that stock would be worth today ($330,563.)

These numbers are contrasted sharply against a similar situation listed by the New York Times: a Hewlett-Packard laptop from 1997 would have run you $3,500. If you'd purchased that much HP stock instead, you'd now have a grand total of $4,560. Not so impressive!

Another example from Apple that's not quite as impressive, but impressive nonetheless, is a 2001 purchase of the Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.2 13" (Black-SR). This device would have cost you $1,499, and today in stock prices you'd have instead have $2,166. This of course, if you think about it in terms of how much the device itself is worth today, (under $300), is still a fantastic difference in investment value.

What do you think? Feel like you should have purchased some Apple stock instead of that horrifying blue or orange iMac? Us too. Check out the rest of the list over at — thanks for the tip, Ben!