Apple Space Gray devices released in silence

The Magic Trackpad 2, the Magic Mouse 2, and the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad now come in Space Gray. That's big news to Apple-loving accessory-buyers and those that cannot possibly use accessories made by anyone else. Especially those that have a Space Gray Apple product they want to match up with. That's a rare breed, but they're out there man, they're out there.

The Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad in US English is now available in Space Gray for $149. This keyboard is also available in its original Silver with white keycaps for $129 USD. The regular, smaller Magic Keyboard is also available in its original Silver, but not Space Gray, which makes us think they might end production in the near future.

The Magic Mouse 2 is also now available in Space Gray as well as its original Silver with white. This is the mouse that you plug in with a Lightning cable at its base. That one, yes, the one that cannot charge in any reasonable way, instead opting for the dead beetle pose as such. The Magic Mouse 2 is available for $79 USD in Silver or $99 for Space Gray.

The Magic Trackpad 2 now comes in its original Silver for $129 USD or in Space Gray for $149. These trackpads are the epitome of several things, one of which is simplicity. You'll also notice that the charging port is at the back end of the device, not on its belly. The Magic Trackpad 2 can be charged without the dead beetle pose.

Also new in the Apple Store are a set of iPhone X Leather Cases and iPhone X Silicone Cases. You'll find one whole heck of a lot of color options available for both – more than you could ever possibly want. There too is a new iPhone X Leather Folio in a variety of new colors.

There's a few new Woven Nylon and Nike Sport Loop Apple Watch bands, too. And some other new cases from Apple if you're willing to dig deep enough in the online store. Expect this whole lot of products to reach brick and mortar stores inside the next week, if you're lucky.