Apple September 9th iPod Event Confirmed

Apple have confirmed their next big event, scheduled for September 9th 2008 at 10am PST in San Francisco.  It's expected that the company will announce the new range of iPods, since it's become something of a tradition to refresh the line in time for the holidays.  We'll be there, live-blogging the event at the usual address:

Although it's always dangerous trying to read too much into an invitation, the 4:3 aspect – rather than 16:9 – could suggest that the mainstream iPod models won't be making the switch to widescreen.  The headphones also still have wires, so that might indicate that wireless earbuds aren't in line for this new generation.  Of course, it could also be a stock photo!

Current speculation is that the nano will bear the most changes, with some mild tweaks to the iPod touch to better bring it in line with the iPhone 3G.  Of course there's no real way to know until September 9th, so join us there!