Apple September 12 event confirmed: new iPhone incoming

Apple's iPhone 8 event invites have been released just this morning, sent to a variety of outlets including SlashGear. This invite portends a September 12th event which will take place in CA, hosted by Apple. This event will quite likely show off a new collection of iPhone devices – iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 (or whatever they'll end up being called), as well as a new edition of the Apple Watch and a new Apple TV device.

The invite gives precious little information about the contents of the event – though "our place" gives a bit of a clue. This is the first time EVER that the event will be held at Apple's new campus in the long-anticipated Steve Jobs Auditorium. Have a peek at some flyover video of the campus as it appeared back in December of 2016 – since then a lot more has been done to the property to bring it up to speed – at least up to presentation speed, that is.

Expected at this event is a set of iPhones will include two devices that are half-steps up from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – or so its expected. These devices will likely have the same display size as last year's models, but will be delivered with new processors. These devices may have wireless charging – but it's just as possible they wont.

What's more likely is the wireless charging bit going exclusively to the most powerful of the bunch, the iPhone 8. The name iPhone 8 is a placeholder for whatever Apple will actually call the device – obviously it's not yet made public what it'll have or what it'll be named. For now we have one massive amount of clues in our Apple hub.

The next Apple Watch will likely bring a few surprises with it – not least of all in how it'll operate without a necessary connection to the iPhone. The Apple TV's next upgrade might end up being rather significant too – not much else can be done with it in its current form other than resolution and HDR updates – we shall see!

Stick with us as we head to the new Apple campus on the 12th of September, 2017. We'll be there with bells on!