Apple Security head allegedly steps down

Over the last few years, Apple has had some serious issues with security of its prototype devices. Before the iPhone 4 launched an engineer that was testing the device got drunk in a bar in California and left the prototype device on the barstool. It was picked up by a couple guys that eventually sold it to Gizmodo. Back in August another prototype iPhone was lost in a bar.

The sell of that prototype resulted in legal troubles for the pair that found the smartphone. Eventually courts forced the men to pay $500 in damages to Apple and gave them probation. There are reports flying around now that the head of security at Apple, John Theriault, has stepped down from his security head position at Apple. This is mostly rumor right now since Apple has not officially announced Theriault has left.

The rumor claims that Theriault stepped down from his position after the controversy surrounding the loss of the iPhone 4 prototype. Apple was looking for security workers in September with listings for two new positions. It's not clear if one of the jobs Apple was seeking to fill is the one Theriault stepped away from.

[via PCMag]