Apple, Samsung jurors not allowed to update devices during deliberation

The jury that will decide the outcome of the high-profile Apple and Samsung patent suit is scheduled to begin deliberation tomorrow, and to help them determine who's in the right, they've been provided with a number of mobile devices to try out. Even though they get to play around with all sorts of neat tech, they've been instructed by Judge Lucy Koh not to update anything on the phones. That goes for downloading new apps too.

Why the buzzkill? The case centers around the similarities between the iPhone and various Samsung devices – if jurors download apps or apply updates, they could change the way those phones look or operate, and that could skew the jury's decision unfairly toward one party or the other. PCWorld reports that jurors aren't allowed to use SIM cards with the phones they were provided, but they are permitted to access the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection. That's where Judge Koh's warning about updates comes in, and jurors were provided instructions for backing out of update notifications.

Closing arguments are being heard today, with the jury entering deliberation tomorrow. After Samsung and Apple have finished delivering their closing statements, the trial will be in the hands of the jury, and indeed there's a lot resting on the jury's decision. Both companies want a significant amount of money in the case, and if Apple wins, that could restrict Samsung's ability to sell some of its most popular devices in the United States.

The trial has been filled with its share of ridiculous moments, with nearly everything said in the courtroom being repeated on the Internet at one point or another. Now, after weeks of courtroom drama, the case is nearly over, but the most important part still lies ahead. Keep it tuned right here to SlashGear, as we'll have the jury's decision for you once it's been delivered!