Apple reveals its own polishing cloth for $19

If you add the Apple logo to anything, many people believe you can also significantly markup price compared to similar products without the Apple logo. Apple recently held an event where it released new MacBook Pro laptops and AirPods earbuds, along with some color changes for its HomePod Mini smart speaker.

Along with revealing those hardware products, Apple revealed a polishing cloth with a price tag that might surprise you. You can pick up polishing cloths for computer screens or wiping fingerprints off of aluminum products for a few dollars. Apple's Polishing Cloth sells for a hefty price of $19. The product wasn't officially revealed during the Apple event as it was limited to hardware only.

The pricy Polishing Cloth was quietly slipped into the Apple Store with no fanfare. It's hard to tell from the images, but presumably, the Polishing Cloth is made from very soft microfiber material of some sort. Apple's description says the cloth is made from a soft nonabrasive material and is appropriate for cleaning any Apple display, including nano-textured glass.

As far as compatibility, it's a cloth and can be used for just about any product Apple has ever made. Currently, Apple shows the Polishing Cloth isn't available for pick up, and orders made now will deliver between November 10 and November 17. That's a long time to wait for an expensive polishing cloth that many of us would probably lose anyway.

Of course, if you have $19 to burn and love Apple products having its official Polishing Cloth is probably something you want to do. Naturally, the cloth has the Apple logo in the bottom right corner. One mystery is exactly how large the cleaning cloth is. No dimensions are offered, but odds are it is sized similarly to other cloths for the same purpose, likely making it approximately the size of a square coaster.