Apple reveals animated Beatles record albums ad for iTunes

Without a doubt this should have been the advertisement video Apple should have used when it was first announced the iTunes would be making the historic movie to carry The Beatles music catalogue. Instead we've got it here at the end of 2011, and we'll take it! Not only do we get to dive in and through the greatest album covers ever printed on 12 inches of cardboard, we get to experience each of them in a warped and folded way anyone with two eyes and the ability to see can appreciate. On the whole, this appears very much to be a renewed push for recognition of the several different ways one can experience The Beatles through Apple's iTunes store.

While below you'll see the video we're speaking about here, lower than that you'll find another brand new Beatles-related bit that's popped up on iTunes this month: The Beatles Yellow Submarine book for kids. This book is completely free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch at the moment, and is certainly meant to push for a greater adoption of the iBooks application on the iOS platform for you to hold all your non-magazine reading material purchased from the iTunes store. This Yellow Submarine book is the only digital version of the perfectly classic little adventure based on the movie and can be read aloud by whatever iDevice you run it on.

As for the ad, once more, please take note that we've jumped into the record album covers, the vinyl covers that were (and are) oh so massive and beautiful. Here right out in the open you'll find that Apple is re-invigorating (or just invigorating, depending on how old you are) your love for embracing the album cover rather than tossing it aside the moment you toss your CD into your expanded wallet of CDs. What digital music displayed on your mobile device (here in an iPhone or an iPad) has done is to bring the idea that the cover matters back to the forefront – and what better way to declare it than with some of the most masterfully crafted examples in the history of vinyl than this?

You can pick up the Yellow Submarine book as well as check out the extended Beatles collection on iTunes – and turn the crank on classics all holiday season long!