Apple Remote gets metal makeover

The Magic Mouse isn't the only peripheral from Apple that's had a makeover; the venerable Apple Remote, last seen looking vaguely tired in white plastic, has been dipped in aluminum for its latest incarnation.  The Apple Remote still has dedicated play/pause and Menu keys, together with track-skip and volume controls, but now looks like a drawn-out, flattened iPod shuffle.

To use it with your iPod, iPhone or iMac, you'll need a suitably equipped dock or a desktop that has an IR port.  The Apple iPod Universal Dock will do the trick for the PMPs, priced at $49, while any iMac introduced from 2005 onwards should have the required receiver.

The Apple Remote is available to order today, though it's not set to ship for another two to four weeks.  It's priced at $19, and we're still more than a little miffed that Apple no longer bundle one in with a new computer.