Apple releases macOS 11.3 for developers: The Big Sur changes

Apple has released the macOS 11.3 developer beta, just a day after the new iOS 14.5 beta addressed Face ID while wearing masks on iPhone. The new software for Mac actually has some overlap with its iOS counterpart, including bringing support for next-gen console game controllers such as those for the Xbox Series X and Sony PS5.

There are also changes which specifically address the progressive crossover of apps between platforms. Enhancements to iOS and iPadOS apps for Macs based on Apple's M1 chipset – such as the latest MacBook Air and Mac mini – include the ability to launch iPad software in a larger window than before. There's also a new preference pane which has been added to both iPhone and iPad apps, so that keyboard commands can be more readily configured to replace what would normally be carried out with the touchscreen.

Elsewhere, there's also improvements to Safari. The Start Page is now going to be more customizable, with support for rearranging sections like Favorites, Reading List, and Siri Suggestions. There'll be new extensions types, and a new Web Speech API supported.

In Reminders, there's support now for sorting them by title, priority, due date, or by when they were created. Manual reorganization is supported too, now, including in smart lists. If you're old-school, there's now the ability to actually print Reminders for a physical to-do list.

In Apple Music, there's a Made For You Library shortcut now. That makes it easier to jump into personal mixes and Replay playlists. The Listen Now view, meanwhile, will also show upcoming and live special events, personalized to each users' own tastes in music.

Finally, there are tweaks to Apple News. That includes a redesigned News+ Tab, which pulls together newspapers and magazines. It's also designed to make managing those issues you've downloaded more easy.

The macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta (20E5172i) is available to download now, from Apple's developer site. You'll need a developer account to actually access it, of course. The full release of macOS 11.3 is expected later in the year.