Apple pull NVIDIA update: new software made problem worse

Apple have removed the NVIDIA driver update posted to their support site at the start of the week, and are yet to explain its disappearance.  The software was intended to fix ongoing performance issues with the new Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter required by its latest unibody MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops if they are to work with large-scale monitors.  It also promised improvements in HD video performance.  However early feedback from some Apple users suggests that the update actually made things worse rather than better.

"I downloaded the update today and regret that I did. The problem for me is now worse. I cannot use my external samsung 22inch monitor on extended desktop mode, only mirror mode, and that is not helpful to me. In extended mode it goes black for extended times, flicking on occasionally to remind me that its there still" Allan Lance, Apple support forums

Several users go on to confirm that their monitors all experience flickering and screen blackouts following installation of the update.  Apple's phone support informed one caller that the company was aware of the problem but could offer no immediate solution, only that the original issue would be addressed in the "next major update". 

Shortly afterwards the NVIDIA update was taken down.  Some unibody owners have suggested that the issue only affects the onboard 9400M graphics processor, but not when using the discrete 9600M GPU some models are equipped with.  Apple have made no official comment.

[via neowin]