Apple prepping iChat Face Time apps for Mac and PC?

Apple is reportedly preparing Face Time clients for both OS X and Windows, according to Mac4Ever's sources, with the video calling technology apparently set for integration with iChat on the Mac.  The move would follow Face Time's debut on the new iPod touch, and likely give a significant boost to users of the service.

If true, Apple are unlikely to be the only company planning Face Time integration with desktop software.  The company has promised to release the necessary APIs so that other manufacturers and software developers can create interoperable products – Qik recently confirmed they plan to do so with their eponymous software, which will run on Android and Symbian among other platforms – though has not yet set a public timescale for their availability.

The French site also suggested that iLife would soon be updated, removing iDVD and replacing it with a new, unknown application.

[via Apple Insider]