Apple planning iTunes Live using Lala tech?

A newly filed trademark application by Apple for "iTunes Live" has been spotted, though the actual functionality it will brand is so far unclear.  While TechCrunch seem convinced iTunes Live is a push to sell more concert recordings by Apple, there's also speculation that it could be a "live connected" aka cloud jukebox style system.  SlashGear columnist Michael Gartenberg predicted just as much late last year, in the aftermath of the Apple Lala acquisition.

"Apple pioneered the model of the $0.99 song purchase tied to a computer and transferred over a cable to a portable device. When most users collections had well less than a 1,000 songs, the model makes perfect sense. But what about when a users collection far exceeds the reasonable capacity to put in a device? Or when the device the consumer uses has a ubiquitous, "always on" connection? It's these types of fundamental shifts that went into the thinking of a Lala purchase." Michael Gartenberg

A mobile service that could in-effect funnel a huge database of media from a central repository to any of Apple's wireless-connected devices would certainly be a compelling option for those with more songs than space on their iPad or iPhone, and Apple seldom leave a successful niche satisfied solely by third-party app vendors.  Integration with Apple's own servers, meanwhile, would present a way for them to further monetize Genius predictions.