Apple pays out up to $345 for old iPhone 4S

We mentioned in the past that Apple would pay you a rather impressive sum for used gadgets. Back in March, Apple was handing out up to $320 for iPad 2 tablets that people didn't want. With rumors widely pointing to the launch of the next-generation iPhone within the next few weeks, it's time for a lot of people to start trading in their used previous edition iPhones. Apple is now offering a nice bit of change for your used iPhone 4S.

Apple is reportedly offering up to $345 for used iPhone 4S smartphones depending on their condition. The offer is being made via Apple's Reuse and Recycle program. You can initiate the program online by selecting the model, color, and condition of your iPhone using an online wizard. The online wizard will then give you a price that it thinks your device is worth.

The most valuable used iPhone is the 64 GB 4S with a $345 valuation. If your device has less storage or damage, it will be worth less. If the valuation that the Reuse and Recycle program offers you seems acceptable, you send in the device along with power cable and Apple recycling partners will send you back a gift certificate. That gift certificate can be used to purchase new devices on the Apple Store.

The recycling partners will get your phone and physically inspect it to be sure it matches your description before issuing your gift certificate. A few scratches or other damage to your device will certainly slash the worth of your device and lead to a smaller gift certificate. If you plan on buying more Apple gadgets, a voucher for the Apple Store might be great, but if you just want the money you might want find another trade-in option.

[via TheNextWeb]