Apple Attempts to Acquire Patents to Fix for Your Snapshots

Take a peek at TEN new patent applications made by Apple that aim to increase the excellence of your photos in the future. Inside these you'll see a window into what may be for Apple, including Chroma Noise Reductions, Automatic Tone Mapping, and Continuous Image Capture. As Apple has a sort of singularity about it when it comes to features on new machines, one would hope that these camera improvements would affect all of their future devices. On the other hand, they DO tell of such magnificent features upon release of a magnificent product. Is iPad 2's camera going to feature all ten new items?

The patents all published within this past week by Apple are thus:

• Patent Application Number: 20100309344 – Entitled "Chroma Noise Reductions for Cameras

• Patent Application Number: 20100309346 – Entitled "Automatic Tone Mapping for Cameras."

• Patent Application Number: 20100309335 – Entitled "Images Capturing Device having Continuous Image Capture."

• Patent Application Number: 20100309321 – Entitled "Image Capturing Devices using Orientation Detectors to Implement Automatic Exposure Mechanisms."

• Video Related Patent: 20100309985 – Entitled "Video Processing for Masking Coding Artifacts using Dynamic Noise Maps."

• Video Related Patent: 20100309975 – Entitled – "Image Acquisition and Transcoding System."

• Video Related Patent: 20100309987 – Entitled "Image Acquisition and Encoding System."

• Patent Application Number: 20100309334 – Entitled "Camera Image Selection Based on Detected Device Movement."

• Patent Application Number: 20100309336 – Entitled "Skin Tone Aware Color Boost for Cameras."

• Patent Application Number: 20100309345 – Entitled "Radially-Based Chroma Noise Reduction for Cameras."

Each of these applications can be accessed publicly by searching at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Correcting blurry photos? Masking skin tones? Orientation Detectors to Implement Automatic Exposure Mechanisms? Wild. Crazy. Together, revolutionary? We'll see.

[Via Fortune]