Apple patches Mac SSL loophole with OS X 10.9.2

Chris Davies - Feb 25, 2014
Apple patches Mac SSL loophole with OS X 10.9.2

Apple has released OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 for Mac, patching the SSL security bug as well as bringing with it FaceTime Audio support and individual iMessage blocking among other things. The update, released for Macs running Mavericks today, makes no specific mention of the SSL issue in its release notes, but Apple confirmed to SlashGear that the fix for how security certificates are handled is indeed a part of 10.9.2.

Apple had conceded over the weekend that the bug would affect Macs as well as iOS. An iOS update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch was released last week, iOS 7.0.6, after Apple admitted that a glitch in its code meant security certificates weren’t actually being correctly checked.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 10.13.22

A correction for that has now been extended to Macs, with the suggestion being that all users should install the new version of OS X so as to be secure in their browsing.

Meanwhile, the software also brings with it the ability to make and receive FaceTime audio calls, plus adds call-waiting support for both FaceTime audio and video calls. iMessages from specific senders can be blocked, and there are various fixes for Mail to improve the accuracy of its unread message count, among other things.

You can find the OS X 10.9.2 update in the “Software Update” section of the Mac App Store.

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