Apple Event and OnePlus 6T day: which will you watch?

Chris Burns - Oct 19, 2018, 11:34am CDT
Apple Event and OnePlus 6T day: which will you watch?

At the announcement of Apple’s latest event it’s become apparent that some scheduling conflicts are in order. The most extreme is that of the launch of the OnePlus 6T, a smartphone from Android phone company OnePlus, a company that doesn’t usually have to deal with conflicts of this sort. To be fair, Apple’s event won’t exactly have competing products shown – it’s more likely ready to roll with a new iPad and MacBook – but the conflict remains.

Apple Event

Apple’s event will likely – almost certainly – center on a new iPad Pro. The invite includes a radical sketch of an Apple Logo with splatters of color all around. As mentioned by my colleague Chris Davies, there’s a lot more the company could be showing off before the event is through.

Apple’s event will take place in the US-based morning of October 30th, 2018. It’ll start at 10AM Eastern Time, 7AM Pacific Time in New York City. SlashGear will cover the event here in our main news feed and we’ll have all sorts of hands-on and up-close first impressions right out the gate!

OnePlus Event

The OnePlus event will reveal the OnePlus 6T in full. This event will almost certainly center on and ONLY feature the OnePlus 6T smartphone – unless the company has an accessory or two to add to the mix. They might also speak about their upcoming TV hardware project, but it’d be a SHOCK to see them reveal any full products outside the phone.

Unfortunate for OnePlus, their event is set to take place in New York as well, at 11AM Eastern Time. That’s just one hour after Apple’s event is set to begin. Apple’s event COULD be over by then, but will likely run over. In any case, there’ll still be a significant amount of attention set on Apple’s event and its aftermath that might otherwise have only had the OnePlus event with which to engage and watch.

Which to watch?

You don’t really have to choose to watch or read about one OR the other event here, you can catch the WHOLE story by keeping two web browser windows open. OR you could just keep on watching SlashGear’s main news feed. Either way, you’ll get the full story as it happens – complete with up-close and personal hands-on action and first impressions with hardware.

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