Apple on privacy: "You're in control"

Privacy. It's a big deal, yes? The answer is yes, and Apple knows this. The numerous whistleblower leaks and government documents that have been raised over past years — not mention all the instances of hacking — have raised big concerns in consumers about their privacy and how big companies are handling it. And, again, Apple is reassuring its users that they don't have to worry. Apple understands privacy is a big deal, and it has detailed how your information is handled.

A quick run down of what you should expect from privacy was given, the issue is clear: Apple is protecting your data. "You're in control," it was explicitly stated. Expect anonymity, data not associated with your Apple ID, a randomized identifier, and more.

Your data isn't linked to other Apple services, says Apple (is this a jab at Google, one might wonder). Furthermore, users don't have to worry about their data being shared with third parities, which is always good to hear.

Apple has made it clear it makes sure it users' privacy is protected, and this is it driving the point home. WWDC 2015 is still in full drive, and SlashGear is live on the ground floor. Be sure to check our our related tag portal for all the news live as it comes in!