Apple Officially Responds To Final Cut Pro X Complaints

Apple has been taking a lot of heat for its recently released video editing software update, Final Cut Pro X. What was initially excitement for the update quickly turned to anger and frustration as loyal users discovered a lack of backwards compatibility as well as many missing pro features. Today, Apple gives an official response to all the criticism with a new FAQ page and a rough timeline for upcoming fixes.

The new FAQ page groups the questions into the categories of importing, editing, media management, exporting, and purchasing. There's surely plenty of sugar coating, but there's also plenty of "no, not yet, but we're working on it" responses as well as flat out no's. Two of the major missing features, exporting to XML and multi-cam editing, will both get put back in with updates coming sometime this summer.

However, any hopes for backwards compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7 has been crushed. Apple recommends users to continue to use Final Cut Pro 7 if they must work on previous projects. Both Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7 can be installed together on Mac OS X Lion.

For the full list, you can visit the FAQ page. And although specific dates weren't given for any of the updates, which were originally rumored for every 6 months, several of the FAQ responses suggest that the updates should start arriving within the next few weeks. Apple has already agreed to refund users unhappy with the new update, which is an unusual move for the company, whose Mac App Store has an all sales are final policy.

[via 9to5 Mac]