Apple News tipped in plan to add paywall content

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 26, 2016, 6:25pm CST
Apple News tipped in plan to add paywall content

Apple is looking to appease publishers with subscription content by adding a paywall option to Apple News, according to a new report. Under this change, Apple News users would have the option of subscribing to paid content, expanding their options while making Apple’s service more attractive to companies. Under the current arrangement, paid content excerpts can be shown on Apple News.

The information comes from Reuters, which says it received word from unnamed sources. These sources claim that some publishers have been ‘frustrated’ with Apple for reportedly failing to provide adequate details about who is reading their content.

The sources didn’t provide any details about how the subscription model might be implemented, such as whether the company will take a fee from the subscription costs. The move could make wary publishers happy, however, and perhaps give Apple News a boost over Facebook Instant Articles.

The sources went on to say that by adding the paywall option, Apple will be addressing publisher concerns about inadequate readership data. How it will address that concern isn’t entirely clear, though likely the subscription model will present ample data otherwise not gathered by those who freely read articles.

SOURCE: Reuters

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