Apple new MacBook & MacBook Pro HDCP frustrating iTunes users

Apples decision to go with Mini DisplayPort on their new MacBook and MacBook Pro machines, and not include the adapters free, initially frustrated many whose existing monitors simply lacked the connection.  Now there's a whole new level of annoyance, as it becomes clear that Apple have made use of HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection) which renders any display not supporting the encryption technology unable to show a growing amount of content bought through iTunes.

The problem comes to light when using one of Apple's own Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapters, for instance in connecting a MacBook or MacBook Pro to a projector which lacks the still-unusual socket.  Certain movies bought from the iTunes store have been wrapped in HDCP – including Hellboy 2, Star Wars: Clone Wars and some older titles such as Shawshank Redemption – and as such refuse to play.

Of course, as the new MacBooks lack any other video output aside from Mini DisplayPort, the only way to view content on a bigger screen is to upgrade said-screen or projector.  Apple are yet to comment on the situation.