Apple MVNO talks in US, Europe tipped

Apple is planning to follow in Google's footsteps and launch its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in both the United States and Europe, according to sources. The unnamed service is said to be undergoing private trials in the United States, while the European ambitions are said to be at the in-talk stages. Under such an arrangement, mobile (presumably iPhone) users would pay Apple directly for space it leases from established wireless carriers. That assumes Apple will ever move beyond testing.

The information comes from Business Insider, which states that "sources close to Apple" have detailed an unannounced MVNO project on the company's part. It is not a new rumor, but rather the latest in what has been a long span of rumbling about Apple and carrier ambitions.

With an MVNO, Apple would sell network service directly to its customers, meaning rather than paying one of the established wireless carriers, Apple users would be using those networks but going through Apple. Assuming this network does come to fruition, the sources say you shouldn't expect an official launch anytime soon.

This is reportedly a long term project on Apple's part, with it taking up to half a decade to get the service in place and rolling out. The MVNO talks have been going on for years, at least as far as sources are concerned. Google recently did something similar with its Project Fi service.

SOURCE: Business Insider