Apple Music launches 'My New Music Mix' and 'My Favorites Mix' playlists

Apple Music subscribers who are on the beta previews of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will notice a new playlist popping up in their apps today. Dubbed the "My New Music Mix" playlist, this new feature aims to connect listeners to new music they may have missed the first time around, making suggestions based on listening history.

If that sounds familiar, that's because it is – Spotify has a Discovery playlist that has proven to be extremely popular with its users, thereby forcing Apple to roll out something similar to stay competitive with the music streaming giant. My New Music Mix will update automatically every Friday, and it offers 25 new tracks for users to peruse, potentially discovering a new favorite band or artist in the process.

That isn't the only playlist Apple is rolling out today, offering up a "My Favorites Mix" to those on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra as well. This is similar to the other playlist in that it offers up new tracks based on your favorite songs, though it will also include songs you've listed as your favorites. Essentially, it's another twist on these discovery-based playlists that should find some play time among people who'd like to discover new music while at the same time hearing a few tracks they already love.

While it seems these features are only available to those participating in the beta tests for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, they'll likely be rolling out to a wider audience once those operating systems actually launch. Apple has been working on revamping Apple Music since announcing such a makeover at WWDC 2016, but will it be enough to unseat Spotify? That remains to be seen, but these playlists serve as a good step in the right direction.

SOURCE: TechCrunch